Pat Angermeier OTR/L

Play Reflect Connect – Build it and they will CONNECT – Computer games for kids by kids – Using our book of 12 proven lesson plans, FACES – Fun Activities to Connect Engage and Socially Succeed, we propose a presentation/inservice that includes theory and research information on non verbal communication and beginning perspective taking skills. FACES works with socially young children, ages preschool to 8th grade, on the recognition and portrayal of facial expressions, developing joint attention and beginning to understand perspective taking.

All seminar attendees receive a digital version of the FACES Deluxe Series which includes the book, FACES, and two computer games – What’s My Mood? and Memory Mood Mash-Up. Attendees will be shown how to customize the games with their children’s/student’s photo in the game. Imagine the impact on students’ social development when they’re better equipped to read and interpret the facial expression of their peers! The seminar will also include ideas for video self modeling and cross environmental carry over activities. The game and programs include data collection aimed at measuring individual student progress overall and by each emotion. Please visit our website – for more information; watch the clip of the NJEA’s acclaimed Classroom Close Up show capturing the experience for an entire second grade in Medford, NJ; and take a game or two for a test drive. Warning: you could get hooked.

Learning in Motion – Engaging children through meeting their movement and sensory needs while learning.   How to teach the young learner and maintain attention and motivation.

Teaching the active young learner while addressing their cognitive, sensory, play and motor needs. Staying engaged and learning through active participation. Excellent curriculum based activities for preschool, kindergarten and primary grades. Special emphasis on inclusion of all types of children with disabilities of all levels and grading of activities to meet multiple abilities. Included are parent letter for each lesson, the all in important component of parent education and home reinforcement activities for the busy instructor. A fun and active learning experience for teachers, therapists and parents. Pat Angermeier, OTR/L

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