Temple Grandin’s My Sensory Based World DVD

Temple Grandin, PhD

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One in six children in the U.S. have sensory issues to the degree that they impede their ability to concentrate or focus so they can learn. Virtually every child on the autism spectrum has at least one sensory issue that creates problems for them. When they can’t express the problem they’re having verbally, there’s only one way they can express themselves, which is in their behavior.

Because of her personal experiences with sensory issues, Temple considers sensory dysfunction to be one of the most major problems for children on the autism spectrum, and it’s probably one of the least understood. She explains not only the various ways parents, teachers, and professionals can identify sensory issues and the behaviors that are the result of sensory issues, she also focuses on some of the most recent scientific research related to the senses that will help many children on the spectrum and their parents and caretakers.

Among recent scientific studies she discusses, she explains how Sensory Enrichment Therapy (SET)can change many of the “autistic behaviors” that children on the spectrum have (effectively, modifying or eliminating them). Ironically, SET may be one of the least expensive therapies of all that are recommended for children with autism, which Temple recommends because of its cost effectiveness. She explains how this new-found Sensory Enrichment Therapy can be developed at home by parents with a minimum of professional help, and how studies have shown that it even can affect the increase of cognition of many children on the spectrum!

Running Time: 90 minutes

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