Hartley Steiner

Hartley Steiner
  • Sensory vs. Behavior – Parenting advice on how to find the clues you need to help answer whether a child’s behavior is caused by a sensory issue.  This includes defining tantrum and meltdown.
  • Sensory Diet at Home (SOAR) – I call this SOAR – Sensory Observation and Activity Response in an attempt to move away from the term ‘sensory diet’.  The presentation offers a parent’s ‘how to’ on recognizing, observing and documenting sensory issues in order to create a custom home-based sensory diet intended to minimize meltdowns and increase a child’s ability to self regulate.
  • The Value of Self Care for Parents – More inspirational and humorous – with the theme of take care of yourself, it gets better!  Emphasis on finding and accepting support.
  • Family Strategies for Raising a Child With SPD – From how to talk to your child, family, friends and child’s caregivers about SPD, how to handle holidays, creating visual schedules, sensory diet at school, and other real ‘nuts and bolts’ of day to day living for parents.  This is expected to be heavy in Q&A with more audience participation.
Hartley can and will talk on most parent directed topics that focus on parenting through resources sharing, parent-to-parent advice and/or support for parents of special needs kids.  She has three sons: two with autism (PDD and Aspergers), two with giftedness, one with ADD, all three with sensory.  Her oldest is adopted, has bipolar disorder and multiple learning disabilities.  Because of the wide range of parenting experience she has, she is comfortable doing a more customized presentation based on the client’s need (ie a focus on foster care, or a focus on adoption, focus on multiple diagnosis, etc.).
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