Why Does My Kid Do That?


10 Common Signs of Sensory Processing Disorder

  1. Extra-Sensitive to Touch – They don’t like to be touched or can’t be touched enough.
  2. Sensitivity to Sounds – They may cover their ears when the same noises don’t bother others.
  3. Picky Eaters – They will only eat one or two familiar foods.
  4. Avoidance of Sensory Stimulation – They won’t put their hands in anything messy such as glue, clay, or mud. They only wear certain clothes.
  5. Uneasiness with Movement – They fear amusement park rides, playground equipment or being turned upside down.
  6. Hyperactivity – They can’t be still during the day or get to sleep at night.
  7. Fear of Crowds – Crowded areas bother them to the point of frequent public meltdowns.
  8. Poor Fine or Gross Motor Skills – They have trouble with handwriting or kicking a ball.
  9. Excessive Risk Taking – They may be unaware of touch or pain, which can come across as aggressive behavior.
  10. Trouble with Balance – They may be accident-prone or fall more often than others and
    have a preference for sedentary activities.

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