Marvelous Mouth Music CD

Aubrey Lande, Bob Wiz, Suzanne Evans Morris

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Marvelous Mouth Music is an audio CD of 21 activity-based Songames designed by Dr. Suzanne Evans Morris, an internationally recognized speech therapist. Ideally suited for kids ages 2-9, this CD brings speech development to life through musical play. Instrumentation includes guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, drums, synthesizer, and percussion.The 55-page companion booklet includes a “How to Use” section, song lyrics, a model for how to use all types of music to promote therapeutic change, and a glossary of important terms written in easy-to-understand, parent-centered language.

21-track CD + 55-page booklet

Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D. is a speech-language pathologist with New Visions near Charlottesville, Virginia. She is nationally and internationally known for her work in identifying and treating young children with pre-speech and feeding disorders. Dr. Morris is the director of New Visions, which sponsors innovative workshops for the teaching of feeding-related skills and provides family-oriented clinical services. Her work includes direct clinical services, continuing education workshops, development of clinical materials, and clinical research. Dr. Morris has studied neurodevelopmental treatment approaches extensively in England, Switzerland, and the United States. She is the author of the Pre-Speech Assessment Scale, a rating scale for the measurement of pre-speech behaviors in children from birth through two years, and coauthor of Pre-Feeding Skills: A Comprehensive Resource for Feeding Development. She is a folk musician who blends her musical background with her knowledge of the facilitation of movement, the development of early communication skills, the treatment of oral feeding disorders, and the creation of an accelerated learning environment.Aubrey Lande, MS, OTR received her Masters of Occupational Therapy from Boston University and subsequently worked for The Children’s Hospital of Denver. A recipient of a health care leadership postgraduate fellowship from the University of Colorado Medical Center, Aubrey has created and produced a myriad of multimedia treatment tools designed to help kids with challenges attain and maintain therapeutic change. Aubrey created the now well-established “Music for Self Regulation” program for Camp Avanti-St. Croix, a renowned research and training camp for children with sensory processing problems. In addition to practicing occupational therapy using a sensory integrative framework, Aubrey utilizes such diverse treatment modalities as the Interactive Metronome® and Watsu.® Aubrey has been singing, humming, babbling, and improvising with sound since, well … infancy.

Bob Wiz is a composer, teacher, musician, producer, arranger, and recording engineer. He received his BA in Mass Media Communication from Cleveland State University and has since become a beloved figure in the musical landscape of Boulder, Colorado. Bob teaches creative music to individuals and groups using techniques garnered from a lifelong interest in the performing arts. In addition to producing over 15 projects for Belle Curve, Bob is a free-lance producer with a special interest in projects related to meditation and mind-body awareness. Since 1996, Bob has taught students as an adjunct faculty member of the Naropa University. Bob expresses his wild side when he plays drums with the Kroku Drummers, an Afro-Caribbean drumming ensemble.

“Marvelous Mouth Music is a parent’s or a therapist’s dream-come-true.”
Ellen Councill MA, CCC-SLP Producer of “Singing Sounds”


  1. The Vocal Pokey (2:24)
  2. Sing to My Lou (3:23)
  3. Goin’ On a Soundhunt (3:46)
  4. The Land of Your Mouth (4:07)
  5. Claire de Lune (2:18)
  6. Magic Did Abound (4:31)
  7. Sing Whatever We Like (1:41)
  8. Kumbaya (3:12)
  9. Just Say Oompapa (3:58)
  10. Seashore (4:10)
  11. Mouth Out to Play (2:30)
  12. Ring Around the Lavender (2:43)
  13. Soundancin’ (2:46)
  14. Mouth Game (5:03)
  15. Make Mighty Pretty Noises (3:40)
  16. Doonderry (1:00)
  17. Do Together (4:28)
  18. Fubba Wubba (2:19)
  19. Ahayeheehoouh (2:48)
  20. Ungawah (1:42)
  21. Venusians Came Rollin’ (4:34)

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