Sensitive Sam

Marla Roth-Fisch

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Winner of a 2009 Book of the Year Award
by Creative Child Magazine!

Appropriate for children, families, and professionals, this wonderful book brings to life the story of Sam, whose over-sensitivity creates chaos and frustration in his life. Sam’s various sensory sensitivities adversely affect Sam’s experiences, both at home and in the classroom. He walks readers through his typical day of sensory blunders (which many kids and families may find all too familiar!).

Finally, at the suggestion of Sam’s teacher, his parents take Sam to see an occupational therapist. Sam describes the process in a non-threatening, child’s perspective that is sure to sooth young readers who may be facing the same challenges.

With occupational therapy, a new “sensory diet,” and the love and support of his family, Sam concludes:

“Treating sensory challenges
Takes some patience, and love, too.
And now I LIKE doing lots of things
I used to hate to do!”

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 32

Marla Roth-Fisch is the creative author and talented illustrator of Sensitive Sam. She draws on her personal experience as a happily married mother of two, including a son with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Along with many activities and volunteering with her family, she enjoys writing and illustrating. Marla is an active board member at the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation and lives near Denver, Colorado.

“This delightful book will put a “special twinkle” in the eyes of special kids with sensory processing disorder, as Sam expresses recognizable feelings before, during, and after therapy!”
Carol Kranowitz, MA, author of The Out-of-Sync Child

“Sensitive Sam is a whimsical but authentic book about sensory processing disorder, a genuine, caring story told in rhymed couplets. Appropriate for children, families, and professionals. Learn what it is to be a Sensational Kid! I highly recommend this book, creatively written and beautifully illustrated by the author, Marla Roth-Fisch!”
Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, author of Sensational Kids

“With Sensitive Sam, Ms. Fisch has captured the essence of children’s struggles with sensory processing difficulties. Her insightful approach to this oftentimes confusing challenge provides children with the knowledge that they are not the only one struggling and that most importantly, there is hope that their struggles won’t always be so intense. This beautifully written and illustrated book is a must read. ”
Lauren H. Kerstein LCSW, P.C., Author of My Sensory Book, Denver, CO

“Just wanted to tell you how well your book is being received. When I show the book to parents, they generally want to buy it in triplicate—one for home, one for school, one for grandparents! My son refuses to read any other book, because he immediately understood Sam! Wow, another boy like me who gets brushed and doesn’t eat eggs, won’t wear jeans, socks, or tags!! He was amazed. Would love to send a book to his school.”
Adena, Mother of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, New York, NY

“I am currently the Education Director at a large synagogue that has almost 500 students. Sensitive Sam helped me tremendously in understanding the lived realities of people who have Sensory Processing Disorder. I have seen how frustrating it can be for children and families when the kids struggle to understand behavior that feels out of their control. Sensitive Sam is a great help in identifying an issue that could easily be misinterpreted as simply fidgety behavior. The book’s emotional range both generates empathy for children and families in this particular situation and also reaches out to a more universal experience of wrestling with the unknown. Additionally, it employs realistic, age-appropriate vocabulary and diction. I particularly like the way it uses more advanced terms like ‘occupational therapist’ and ‘Sensory Processing Disorder.’ I think that dropping in a few words that may be beyond the range of the children reading or listening to a book is a great way to stimulate discussion between parents and children, while simultaneously increasing the child’s linguistic capacity. Sensitive Sam is an excellent book, and I like having it as a resource for my teacher’s and families!”
Steve , Education Director, Denver, CO

“In a genuine, grounded, and caring way, Roth-Fisch describes the experiences of one family’s success in overcoming Sensory Processing Disorder. Written in rhyme and intended for parents and children, Sensitive Sam conveys the real-life experiences of a young child and the people who contribute to his care. Brilliantly illustrated, the book contains a worthwhile glossary of terms and websites for more information. A must read for children and their families. Highly recommended for all educators. ”
Carrie, Ph.D. Educational Psychology (emphasis in Early Childhood and Developmental Studies), Ventura, CA

“My search for the perfect resource is now over. I am so excited to have Sensitive Sam as a tool in explaining Sensory Processing Disorder difficulties. I highly recommend Sensitive Sam because Mrs. Fisch has done an excellent job describing and illustrating the effects of SPD. The book is useful to parents, children, and practitioners.”
Denise, First Grade Teacher, Salt Lake City, Utah

“As an educator and parent, I appreciate the thoughtful information provided about living and dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder in Sensitive Sam. This book is written and illustrated beautifully. The words and pictures express the feelings many of our children have when they know “things are just not right.” Sensitive Sam explains candidly the feelings from a child’s perspective and allows them to identify with someone and to realize they are not alone. The guidance this book provides allows both children and parents to know that help is available. Sensitive Sam will be a great resource for regular and special education teachers and one book that will often be recommended to parents. ”
Luan, Principal, Highlands Ranch, CO

“I gave Sensitive Sam to our elementary school’s inclusion program, which is flagship for CT. They loved it and Sensitive Sam now resides in the OT wing.”
Michele, Southbury, CT

“Both in my former career as an occupational therapist, and in my new job working with children in a public library, I’ve often wished there were more picture books for young children that help explain sensory and learning disorders. Happily, now there’s a new resource: Sensitive Sam by Marla Roth-Fisch. Written in engaging rhyme, this picture book helps the reader experience and understand the world of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) through the senses of a little boy named Sam. We learn about the sometimes scary and stressful world of SPD, where a regular tone of a voice sounds like a shout and almost everything tastes icky. We experience Sam’s emotions and see the acting-out behaviors that result from living in this skin where everything is cranked up to “10”. Occupational therapy helps Sam experience what he sees, hears, touches, smells, moves, and tastes more normally, which in turn allows him to become a happier boy. As the mother of a child with SPD, Ms. Fisch brings immediacy to this topic. She includes websites and resources for parents in the back of the book. Sensitive Sam is a good “read together” book for parent and child. It’s also a great tool for anyone dealing with the challenges of SPD: children, parents, siblings, teachers and therapists alike.”
Caroline , Former Occupational Therapist, Littleton, CO

“When I read Sensitive Sam to my son his response is, ‘Hey, I feel that way too!’ Finally my son had an ally in his sensational world. It is wonderful for him to relate to Sam and watch him tell Sam what he does to make himself feel better. I highly recommend this book for all families who have children with SPD! I am very excited to share your book with others.”
JoEllen, Parent Connections Communicator, SPD Foundation, Greenwood Village, CO

“This is a delightful, sensitive and forthright book for children (and parents). It does a wonderful job using cartoons and straightforward language to bring across the challenges and pain children with sensory processing disorder experience. It also suggests and approach to therapy and the hope for success.”
Edward, M.D., FAACP Specialist in the Child Development Unit involved in the care of children with special needs, The Children’s Hospital of Denver, Denver, CO

“I enjoyed Sensitive Sam. I’m sure this book will be helpful to families who have a child like Sam and to educators working with students with special needs. Thanks so much for sharing it and I will let our faculty know that it’s available.”
Nancy, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Special Education, Cal State University, Northridge, CA

“As an educator with twenty years experience, I am delighted to finally be able to share a book like Sensitive Sam with my students. It is the only book I know of that addresses the issues that come with sensory integration problems. It is beautifully written and illustrated, and my second grade students really love it! Thank you, Marla, for dealing with this subject matter in such a wonderful way!”
Julie, Second Grade Teacher, Highlands Ranch, CO

“My little kids and I just love reading the book. The ‘message’ they tell me they get from the book is that the parents care about Sam and that Sam feels OK. Their bodies relax, they look at me, and smile. Thank you, your story touches so many people!”
Nan, Teacher, Loveland, CO

“Thank you so much for this wonderful book!! I have a 13-year-old Down Syndrome son who also has significant SPD. This book will make it easier for his peers (as well as adults in his life) to understand that he isn’t choosing to ‘be bad.'”
Barbara, Proud Mom, Fruitland Park, Florida

1st grader Ania from Nova Scotia, Canada shares her unique point of view about Sensitive Sam:

“The pictures are big with lots of colors and none of the pages are white. This is not hard to read and it sounds like a poem with rhymes. Sensitive Sam is a lot like me!”

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