Songames for Sensory Processing

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Fun and engaging for kids ages 3-8, Songames are musical activities for improving fine-and gross-motor skills, muscle strength, and rhythmicity. These 25 therapist-created Songames offer a world of developmental play activities. Plus, the 53-page companion booklet explains how to use music to enhance specific skills, provides a comprehensive list of resources, and triples the number of therapeutic ways to use the games!

Songames can:

  • Engage children in active play
  • Help children learn to calm down and stay focused
  • Enhance oral-motor skills and expressive language play
  • Decrease tactile, auditory, visual, and sensory defensiveness

Featuring great rhythms and instrumentation from African Kora, to Imbira, to the artful piano music of Grammy-nominated jazz pianist Art Lande, kids will want to play Songames over and over again!

Songames for Sensory Integration has received several prestigious awards and honors:

  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum SNAP Award for 2000 (Special Needs Applicable Product)
  • “Outstanding Therapeutic Contribution” by Developmental Delay Resource
  • Inclusion in Dr. Toy’s Best 100 Toys of 2000
  • Inclusion in Dr. Toy’s Best 10 Educational Toys of 2000

Includes 2 CDs + book
87 minutes of music

Aubrey Lande, MS, OTR received her Masters of Occupational Therapy from Boston University and subsequently worked for The Children’s Hospital of Denver. A recipient of a health care leadership postgraduate fellowship from the University of Colorado Medical Center, Aubrey has created and produced a myriad of multimedia treatment tools designed to help kids with challenges attain and maintain therapeutic change. Aubrey created the now well-established “Music for Self Regulation” program for Camp Avanti-St. Croix, a renowned research and training camp for children with sensory processing problems. In addition to practicing occupational therapy using a sensory integrative framework, Aubrey utilizes such diverse treatment modalities as the Interactive Metronome® and Watsu.® Aubrey has been singing, humming, babbling, and improvising with sound since, well … infancy.

Bob Wiz is a composer, teacher, musician, producer, arranger, and recording engineer. He received his BA in Mass Media Communication from Cleveland State University and has since become a beloved figure in the musical landscape of Boulder, Colorado. Bob teaches creative music to individuals and groups using techniques garnered from a lifelong interest in the performing arts. In addition to producing over 15 projects for Belle Curve, Bob is a free-lance producer with a special interest in projects related to meditation and mind-body awareness. Since 1996, Bob has taught students as an adjunct faculty member of the Naropa University. Bob expresses his wild side when he plays drums with the Kroku Drummers, an Afro-Caribbean drumming ensemble.
“Songames is by far the most entertaining, stimulating, relaxing and most requested audio tape…Thank you so much!”
Karen M DeHerrera, Parent

“The music is fun and motivating, helping kids (and their parents and teachers) play in purposeful, developmentally meaningful ways.”
Diana Henry, OTR/L, creator of the Tools for Teachers and Students videos

CD #1:

  1. 12 Chinese Secrets
  2. A Waiting Game
  3. Musical Chairs
  4. Hum-along
  5. Sweet Life
  6. Deep Pressure Chant
  7. Makin’ Pizza
  8. The Hot Dog Game
  9. Mouth Toys
  10. The Basics of Friendship
  11. Jeopardy
  12. The Reptilian Factor
  13. Forest Stump
  14. I Like Bananas
  15. Calm One

CD #2:

  1. Radio W.A.K.E. UP!
  2. The Clothing Quiz
  3. Dip Down
  4. The Nose Knows
  5. Love and Kindness
  6. Glider Rider
  7. Fine Motor Samba
  8. Give a Little Yodel
  9. Slowing Down
  10. Mama Loves Me

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